Turkish Game Localization and QA | LocKitchen
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We provide services for in-game text localization, marketing & press kit localization, LQA and game testing for UI/UX misplacement. We welcome all game genres, all platforms and all file formats to meet your needs. We do know how to localize your game based on your game.

In-game Text Localization

Is your game console, mobile, PC or VR? Doesn’t matter. We have experience in all platforms. We approach your indie or AAA game with the same, high-level professionalism with utmost discretion. And we specify the localization needs of your game based on your game genre.

Game Marketing Localization

Game localization does not start or end with the in-game text localization. You need localized marketing texts, user manuals, game websites, press kits and many more stuff during this process. We can help you with all your marketing localization needs including your market text and keyword localization by using our ASO experience.

LQA & Testing

We are here to support you in your LQA and testing needs. We can review and proofread any localized text. We can help you locate and fix any UI/UX misplacements and be sure that your game localization is top-level by doing localization quality assurance.


There are 30+ more video game projects that we’ve localized into Turkish. Unfortunately, we cannot mention them due to NDAs.
son korsan game
shante seven siren
titan siege game
tanki x online
castle arena1
Some of the game projects we worked on but cannot share their titles due to NDAs:

  • Full game localization for a popular adventure game (PlayStation, Apple Arcade, Xbox platforms)
  • Full game localization for an action game (PlayStation, Apple Arcade, Xbox platforms)
  • Update and marketing texts for the mobile version of the most played FPS modern warfare game
  • Update and marketing texts for a famous mobile strategy title, also known as a medieval strategy MMO mobile game
  • Full game localization for a newly launched title from a rooted game company (Apple Arcade)
  • Full localization for one of the top drone simulations (PlayStation, Xbox)
  • Update and marketing texts for a fantasy-themed RPG game
  • Full game review for a mobile game adaptation of a famous cartoon
  • Full game review for a newly-launched strategy game
  • Full game review for a mobile title about golf
  • Review for a mobile game from the creator of Rick&Morty